Fence in Easy with my Fence-in-Panels. Fence-Line, Enclosure Pen, Kennel Panels

I build these Fencepanels out of schedule40 steel pipe. 1 inch pipe for the frame and braces and 6 gauge galvanized panelwire 64" or 72" high. Easy to hook together. joints are welded on. Fence in your back yard with my Fencepanel sections. Hook up a Kennel with 3 Kennel-Panels and one Panelgate.

Mix match with my Fence-in Panels and you have one Doggie-Kennel hooked up to the next. Multiple Kennels, how many dogs do you have? Picture show 4 Kennels, build with 2 double door-gates, 2 Back-Panels, 3 Dividers, 2 side-Panels.

No Chain Link Fence on my Fence-in-Panels, No Tubing...... I use Steel Pipe only.